Since 1999. Ms. Paoletta is primarily responsible for overseeing Tailor made Travel operations in luxury market worldwide.
Ms Paoletta accomplished a high status on business; her company Jackie ‘O Viaggi achieved a rare distinction in high-end experiential travel industry
and is member of Pure Life Experiences.
Ms. Paoletta served before being appointed to her current position different managerial roles in the commercial department,
including has been Brand Development Director of Harry’s Bar at Cremonini Company S.p.A in Rome and Milan Malpensa for the period 1995 – 1998.

Birth Date:      13th June 1974, Saronno (VA)

Education;       Perito Aziendale e Corrispondente in Lingue Estere. Parabiago (MI)

Attended Università degli Studi di Milano: Facoltà Scienze Politiche

Masters in Business Marketing Communication and Logistic London 2016 (Tony Robbins Harvard Business School Mastery)

Bionergetic study for human relationship 2010

Language Skills:  Mother tongue Italian, fluent English, fluent German, basic knowledge of Russian and Spanish


Mrs. Giusy Magni - C&O and Managing DirectorFounder Member of the CLUB INTERNATIONAL since 1996. Actual

C&O and Managing Director for Club International srl.

Member and co-owner of a local tourist enterprise.

She started her career as an Entertainment Organiser in Top International Tourist Clubs, in the middle 1980’s. She has lived in Canada and United States.

After spending three years working in the Maldives Islands, and as sales in a textile design  company, on 1991 she made the crossover to the tourism sector by becoming the Sales Country Manager of TRA INTERNATIONAL.

On 1996 she established CLUB INTERNATIONAL srl. company, bringing new ideas and concepts to sales services.

She has been always choosing a new product for the feeling that brings, first to her.  Under this perception, “taking” new products becomes a great challenge, with genuine enthusiasm followed by a “taking off” for the product.

Fluent English and French